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Holistic Mental Health

Soulmosaic is an online psychotherapy practice.

If you are looking for in person therapy in Vienna, please click below for contact details.

I have experience working with people from all geographical, social and spiritual backgrounds.

I provide a caring and compassionate environment where you can safely explore what troubles you and find inner ways to recover strength, resilience and joy.

Whatever may be going on in your life, you don't have to face it alone.

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The meaning of SOULMOSAIC

Forest Trees

"The therapist must thrive to create a new therapy for each patient" Irvin D. Yalom

For me, each patient is unique and I approach you in an open-minded and curious way.
In our work, we will build a colourful mosaic of you, as an individual. This gives your therapist the opportunity to develop a holistic and unique therapy approach to support you to rescript your life, restructure your inner map and to reverse the past. I help you make sense of your situation and clear the path for a renewed sense of enthusiasm for life.


About me


Manuela Janda

Trauma- & Psychotherapist

I am a licensed psychotherapist (Gestalt Therapy) with many years of experience working with all kinds of diagnosis. My main goal as a psychotherapist is to create an environment brimming with warmth, empathy and acceptance. In this safe environment you can open up, get to know yourself and reflect upon your thoughts, emotions and experiences. 

I work in English and in German. I grew up in Vienna where I also completed my training as psychotherapist.


Working together...

Online Sessions

Sessions are usually conducted face-to-face but I recognise that this is not always feasible. Therefore I offer individual online therapy.  

Please make sure: 

  • that you find a space in your home that is quiet and private. Please turn off all notifications on your computer and phone. 

  • and that you are seated in a comfortable place with good back support and that at least your upper body is visible during the sessions.

If it is possible, please reserve at least 10 minutes before and after the session to prepare and reflect.



"Generally psychotherapy is recommended if you are grappling with a life, relationship or work issue or a specific mental health concern, and these issues are causing a great deal of pain or upset" (

Effective therapy is not simply talking about your problems: it is about working consciously towards your abilities to change the things you can change and to accept what you can’t. 

Psychotherapy creates a unique space where you can explore your feelings, thoughts and behaviour in a non-judgmental, confidential and supportive environment. The quality of the relationship created between you and your therapist is of paramount importance in fostering self-awareness, trust and change.


Our nervous system is designed to self-regulate, but it has its limitations around trauma. Our bodies hold memories and imprints of the traumatic experience. Therefore, it is necessary for our body to start a healing process. Through tracking and processing somatic sensations, Trauma Therapy can help manage stress, resolve trauma, develop effective ways of dealing with 'triggers', and support a healthier regulation of your nervous system. This will help restore your sense of safety and increase your ability to experience a more joyful and connected life.

There are different types of trauma:​

  • Acute trauma: a single overwhelming event/experience like a car accident, natural disaster or assault.

  • Complex trauma: results from multiple, chronic and prolonged overwhelming traumatic events.

  • Developmental trauma: exposure to ongoing and repetitive trauma in childhood, like neglect, abandonment, and physical, sexual, or emotional abuse. 

  • Intergenerational trauma: trauma can be inherited through epigenetic changes.


Couples Therapy

Living as a couple creates high potential for intimacy, connection and joy. The couple could be compared to a live entity that grows and evolves through time, and therefore requires constant care and nurturing. However, things can get complicated when the couple gets neglected. Emotional distance, pain, conflicts and delusion start to move in. Sadly, people often wait too long before they seek help, when emotional damage is already entrenched. Don’t wait for a big crisis to seek support. Couple therapy is a way to gain insight into your relationship, strengthen your bond and learn to better deal with conflict.

Couples may encounter challenges at various stages of their life:

  • Around the birth of their first child

  • Parenting questions

  • Conflicts and communication problems

  • Connection and intimacy

  • Recovering from an affair

  • Separation and divorce


"There is a crack in everything. That's how the light gets in" Leonard Cohen


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