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Amélie Boutry

Clinical Psychologist / Psychotherapist

I am a French clinical psychologist trained in Paris in 1997

After 16 years in South-East Asia,

experiences in public and private sectors, through different fields,

I am honoured to belong to Soul Mosaic to offer a private practice.

I welcome any person, couple or family

with a condition that affects their mental health.

I am convinced it is a privilege to accompany people on their unique recovery journey,

helping them in creating change,

assisting them in opening their mind,

designing a “tailor made approach”.


I have chosen psychology to better grasp life, through behaviours and mind. Thus, I consider my role is to recursively scan accumulated ideas of people before us and with us who have attempted to fathom the mysteries of the human mind.

My aim consists in understanding the way people think, feel, dream and act. How? By getting closer and investigating their own psychic life.

I wish I could help any individual, couple, or family to overcome the life challenges, enhance their wellbeing, making people comfortable with their unconscious life, create sustained improvements in their mental health or/and in their relationships. Encounters are much more precious than what we could expect. I first met Freud and psychoanalysis, and then others, assessing the meaning of their divergences with years. Systemic approach have pushed me to accept diversity of interpretative frameworks.

Life brings us on some difficult paths. We can’t get rid of the “family skeleton”, but we are invited to make it dance and to work on accepting it. The end is roughly the same for each of us. It is a goal to prepare ourselves to die wisely, cleaning our traumas for following generations.

Time and maturity turned me into a mosaic of knowledge and I have admitted that each person, with its unique way to suffer, belongs to a group that make up a certain pattern.  Being aware of who we are, of the systems we belong to, according to which specific laws. An access to the information brought by these living systems is constellation work. Pointing out how underlying beliefs can alter the perception we have of our environment and our relationships forms a resource to better know if we are at the right place at the right moment.

More than words, we use pictures to figure the system out.

I do my best to offer a client centred approach in my work, in a comfortable, collaborative and non-judgemental space.


Taking a particular interest in criminology, I have been working in prison in France and Belgium, on Pre-trial detention facilities and in a Detention center for prisoners completing their sentences.

Formerly civil servant for Federal Justice Department as a psychosocial expert, I received a legal psychopathology accreditation to treat mental health issues and sex offenders.

Working with assessment and role play, organising and leading workshops, in France,  Cambodia and Philippines, I also had the opportunity to create situational exercices.

This diverse cultural context made me able to expand my capacity to adjust to various kinds of situations.

Amélie Boutry: Team
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