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Miranda Ledesma

Trauma Counsellor & Psychotherapist

I believe humans have an inherent capacity toward growth and healing. For me, the relationship between client and therapist is the most important aspect of therapy, and serves as a vehicle for exploring the true self. Awareness and self-discovery can occur within the secure therapeutic relationship I create with clients.

My main therapeutic orientations are Rogerian, Gestalt, and Family Systems Therapy. I work in English

My Experience

I spent over 15 years working in the finance sector in North America, Europe, and Asia before becoming a therapist. Before private practice, I spent four years working in the social service sector of Singapore. My background gives me a unique understanding of the demands and challenges faced by clients in the corporate world, especially those who may be working abroad. I have a passion for helping individuals experiencing workplace issues.  

In addition to being a therapist, I am a qualified yoga instructor and reiki practitioner. We easily forget to take care of our bodies. I pursued these interests because I believe that this is particularly important for those in highly stressful and demanding roles. Practices such as yoga can teach us to listen to our body’s signals and address signs of stress before they manifest as illness.


Our attachment style – how we bond with others – has a huge effect on the quality of our personal and professional relationships. Our attachment style is often rooted in coping strategies we develop when young, and can influence how well we manage stress and conflict. I use attachment theory as a platform to help you develop healthier coping strategies and relationship patterns.


When we encounter high levels of stress, it can elicit a survival response from our bodies - also known as fight or flight. I use Somatic Experiencing, a body-centered approach, to address trauma and other stress disorders. I create a safe and supportive environment to help you move towards growth and resilience.


My experience includes but is not limited to working with anxiety, bullying, burnout, chronic stress, emotional dysregulation, expat issues, grief/loss, identity issues.

Professional Memberships

Singapore Association for Counselling

I attend regular supervision and trainings to expand my clinical knowledge and skills.

Miranda Ledesma: Team
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