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Sabine Schellerer

Pharmacist and Naturopath

I am a pharmacist and naturopath and bring over 20 years of experience in the healthcare industry. I have a PHD in Human Biology and a Masters degree in Pharmaceutical Sciences, as well as a postgraduate diploma in Alternative Medicine.  In my spare time I enjoy running, yoga and traveling with my family. I work in English and German.

My approach

As a therapist, my approach is very individual, integrative and holistic. My treatment plans include nutritional advice and evaluation of a patient’s gut health. Research continuously shows us that the food we eat impacts how we feel emotionally and how important a balanced nutritious diet is for the mental health of an individual. Furthermore, diet has been proved to considerably effect the gut microbiome - this has a significant impact on a person’s mood (Gut-Brain Axis).

As most of my patients have a long and frustrating history of chronic health problems, I have learnt to always concentrate on finding the root of the disease; therefore, my approach is functional and based on a detailed, comprehensive medical history. If needed, I employ lab tests, such as, comprehensive stool tests, saliva/urinary testing on hormones and neurotransmitters or DNA testing for a deeper understanding of a patient’s condition.


I received my Master in Pharmaceutical Sciences and PhD in Human Biology from Ludwigs Maximilians University Munich and subsequently went on to work as a pharmacist for several years. During this period, I also discovered my interest in botanical medicines and alternative treatments. In 2001, I completed a Diploma in Journalism and worked as a medical writer, delivering articles for several healthcare magazines on a freelance basis.

In 2005, my family moved to Asia and I decided to continue my professional development as a naturopath at the German Naturopathy School (Deutsche Heilpraktiker Schule) followed by a 2 years course in alternative medicine with the Indian Board of Alternative Medicine (IBAM). Parallel to the courses, I also founded my own business as a health consultant in Hong Kong. I graduated with a postgraduate diploma in alternative medicine (PGDAM) with IBAM in 2014 and since then am a registered practitioner in India. I work as a naturopathic doctor since 2016 in Singapore.

I never stopped to continue my development through several additional certificates such as  women’s health and sports medicine. I also attended several workshops and training courses focusing on children’s health, Wone’s health, hormonal imbalances, fasting therapies, detox therapies, acid-alkaline balance, intestinal purification, mold detoxification, Dr. Schuessler’s tissue salts, homeopathy, traditional urine inspection (uroscopy), cupping and intensive training in functional medicine. Recently I underwent intense training at BCA-Klinik, Augsburg with the world-famous specialist for Lyme disease, Dr. Carsten Nikolaus.

Originally from Munich, Germany, I have been living in multiple cities throughout Asia with my husband and three children since 2005. I lead a healthy lifestyle for myself and my family based on the principles of balanced nutrition, frequent exercise and essentially having fun together: enjoying life.

Professional memberships

Registered practitioner, India

Deutsche Gesellschaft für Phytotherapie (DGP)
Medizinische Gesellschaft für Mikroimmuntherapie (MegeMit)

Sabine Schellerer: Team
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